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Classic Gas Pig Cookers
Large 60" x 42"

Our Classic Large Gas Pig Cooker comes with dual stainless steel interior burners, that gives you a cooking temperature range of 275° to 550°. For lower temperatures you can use one burner. Due to how tight our cookers are built you can cook at higher temperatures without drying out your foods. Our units do not flame up and provide you with a nice even heat across the entire cook surface. One of the best options you can add is the exterior smoke box. This allows you to cook with the ease of gas and add wood smoke at the same time. Use any of your favorite chunk woods Apple, Hickory, Oak etc.. You can also add our Turning Grate System for fliping that whole hog when needed. The Turning Grates are designed to hold between a 65lb. little piggy to a 180lb. whole hog. This option is only available on our large or extra-large commercial models.

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Pig Cooker
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BQ Grills High Pressure Regulator
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Cooker Details
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Whole Hog Cooker Details
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Custom BQ Grills BBQ Trailer
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Pig Cooker on Leg Stand
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Bear necessities
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BQ Grills Pig Cooker
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Pig Cooker
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Smoke Box

Classic Large Gas Pig Cooker <br> Includes 2 - 30lb. LP Tanks
BQ Grills Custom High Pressure Adjustable Regulator Setup
Built on a Square Tubing Sub Chassis with Leaf Spring Suspension
Classic Large Gas Pig Cooker <br> Comes Standard with 2-Inch Coupler, Safety Chains & Jack Wheel
2021 Models come with 185/80R13C Tires <br> Tail Light Kit with Marking Lights
We do offer Leg Stand Versions & Quantity Discounts
BQ Grills include all Bear Necessities
Beans!! & Butts!!
Classic Large Gas Pig Cooker with Dual Rear Pot Burners <br> Pots Sold Seperately
Breaking in a New Cooker with a nice <br>
	  Golden Brown Piggy
Ribeyes To GO
Nuttin But Big BUTTS
Optional Turning Grates <br>Both grates are removable and reversible <br> Designed mainly for turning a whole hog
Built on 10-Inch Run Flat Caster Wheels <br> Optional 12-Inch Tall Hood with 24-Inch Top Cooking Grate <br> Great for stack cooking of larger food items like Boston Butts
Classic Large Gas Pig Cooker <br> Optional 13-Inch Aluminum Rims & Wheels<br> Optional SS Shelf and Front Flashing
Classic Large Gas Pig Cooker with Catering Package<br>3rd. Interior Burner for very high heat and faster recovery times <br> SS Shelf and Front Flashing <br> Optional 12-Inch Tall Hood & 24-Inch Top Grate <br>Dual LP Tank Hook-ups
We keep a good selection of Pig Cookers in stock for you to choice from
Optional Exterior Smoke Box <br> Add in your favorite wood smoke flavors

Classic Large 60" x 42" Gas Pig Cookers
Standard Features Included

2- 30# LP Tanks
Tail Light Kit - 4 Way Flat Wire Connection
Heavy Duty 304 Grade Stainless Steel Pipe Burner
American Made Industrial Precision HP Regulator & PSI Gauge
Gas Safety Shut-Off Device
Square Tube Frame Chassis with Leaf Springs
2000# Easy Lube American Rockwell Axle
Built to Meet Federal Highway Safety Standards
1200 Degree BBQ Black Paint
Stainless Steel Front Shelf (New for 2023 Models)
3" American Tel True Brand Temperature Gauge
Easy Opening American Made Hood Lift Supports
Swival Jack Wheel 1000#
2" Ball Coupler With Safety Chains
13" Radial Tires & Aluminum Rims (New for 2023 Models)
All American Made Extra Clean P & O Sheet Steel
Precision Laser Cut Componets
12g Cooking Box Material
14g Hood Material
1 Year Warranty on All Parts
5 Year Welding Warranty
Lifetime Warranty on SS Burner Tube

Large Classic Gas Pig Cookers

ModelLarge 60" x 42"
Cooking Box Size60"L x 42"W x 20"H
Cooking Box Size W/ Turning Grates60"L x 42"W x 23"H
Box Material12g
Hood Material14g
Overal Lenght10'9"L
Overall Lenght W/ Dual Rear Burners12'9"L
Overall Width63"
Overall Width W/ Smoke Box64"
Overall Height48"
Overall Height W/ Turning Grates51"
Weight Base Unit750lbs.
   Add For Dual Rear Burners100lbs.
   Add For Smoke Box50lbs.
   Add For Shipping Weight100lbs.
Height From Ground to Main Cook Surface32" To 36"
Cooking Surface58" x 41"
Cooking Surface / Turning Grate Option53.5" x 36"
Optional 14" Top Grate56" x 15"
Interior Burners-304 SS PipeTwo / Third Optional
Optional Exterior Burners - Cast IronTwo

Food Capacities:

ModelLarge 60" x 42"
Whole Pig - Dressed Head &Feet Removed 200lbs.
Whole Pig - On Turnig Grate Units 180lbs.
Chicken Halves - Average 2-3/4lbs. Birds 60
Chicken Halves - With 14" Top Grate80
Boston Butts - Depending Size20 to 24
Ribs - St. Louis / Baby Back - Laid Flat 26
Ribs - With Top 14" Grate36
Hamburgers - (Depending On Size)88
Hamburgers - With 14" Top Grate110

Base Pricing & Options
Classic Series Pig Cookers

New 2023 Models Now Come with
Aluminum Rims and Stainless Shelf

Download PDF:
Gas Classic Large Pig Cooker Price Sheet
60" x 42" Large Gas / Base Unit$ 4,800.00
60" x 42" Large Gas / Dual Rear Pot Burners$ 5,500.00
60" x 42" Large Gas / Dual Rear Pot Burners / Smoke Box$ 6,000.00
60" x 42" Large Gas / Turning Grates$ 5,700.00
60" x 42" Large Gas / Turning Grates / Dual Rear Pot Burners$ 6,400.00
60" x 42" Large Gas / Turning Grates / Dual Rear Pot Burners / Smoke Box$ 6,900.00
60" x 42" Large Gas/Dual Rear Pot Burners/Smoke Box/Catering Pac. - See Below $ 7,400.00
Catering Package Includes Below Features:
      12" Tall Hood with 24" Top Cooking Grate - Increase Cooking Capacity 50%
      Extra 3rd. Interior Burner - Slower / Hotter Temps & Faster Recovery Time
      Dual Tank LP Hook-ups - Use Both LP Tanks Together
      Stainless Front Shelf & Wall Flashing - Less Mess & Easy Clean Up
Stainless Wall Flashing - Less Mess & Easy Clean Up $ 300.00
14" Top Cooking Grate - Increase Capacity$ 200.00
13" Aluminum Rim & Tire Spare Combo & Mounting Bracket $ 400.00
Plus Shipping or Delivery If Needed & NC Sales Tax 6.75%
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