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Hello I am Melvin Whitman owner of BQ Grills. BQ Grills started out as just a hobby, that I picked up from my father-in-law, back in 1989 and slowly turned into a business by 1991. In 1996, my brother-in-law, Greg Stallings came to work with me. Due to our attention on customer satisfaction and quality, the business grew to our current state. We now have several full time employees. Greg ran our shop area up to 2019 when he decided to retire. Our youngest son Cole has since took over his position. I handle the sales and store area with my wife Karen. Our Daughter Kayla now helps from time to time while she also attends college.

We build a large variety of Outdoor BBQ Products, but what we have become most well known for are our Large Towable BBQ Grills most commonly called Pig Cookers here in North Carolina. Not Only do they cook great pigs you can use them to cook almost anything you desire.
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BQ Grills Arial Photo
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BQ Grills Rare Snow Fall
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Men At Work
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BQ Grills Store Front
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BQ Grills Spring Inventory
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Laser Cutting System
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New Building 2014-15
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New building 2015
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Job Shop Work
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Whole Hog NC State Champions
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Production Staging Area
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Sam Jones

BQ Grills Arial Photo 2015
We do not often see a foot of snow at BQ Grills
Our youngest son Cole, started helping when he was 15 years old back in 2011. In 2019, my Brother-in-law Greg retired and Cole stepped up to fill his Position as our new Shop Manager.
BQ Grills Main Entrance and Store Front
Getting Ready For Spring Season
Precision Laser Cutting Makes Quality Parts Everytime
Our Last New Addition 2014-15
Old photo of our Daughter Kayla working on a school project.
We also do Job Shop Work <br>
BQ Grills Customers have won 9 of the last 10 <br> North Carolina State Whole Hog Series Championships. <br>Pictuered Above<br> Chris Fineran, Ernest Twisdale and Kevin Peterson <br> Not Picture Winners<br> Fred Woodard, Joe Peterson <br>Arthur Williams, Charlie Meeks<br> Most Recent 2021 Champion Wesley Bowers
Production Final Assembly Staging Area
My Father-in-law Bobby Roberson, built pig cookers with his buddies as far back as the 1970's. Pig Pickin's are a long standing part of NC History. <br> Photo furnished by Chris Fineran

Our Goal is to focus on building top quality products not just numbers. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. If you are not happy we are not happy. Take your time and browse our web site. If you have any questions please email or give us a call.
We are always looking for new products and customers to work for. Listed below are our shop capacities. If we can help you with your manufacturing needs give us a call.

Laser cutting up to 1/2" plate / 5 x 10 Sheets
Shearing 1/4" x 10' (mild steel)
Press Brake CNC 3D 5 Axis 90 Tons 12' bed
2 - Automated Band Saw
Rolling 5' x 1/4" (mild steel)
50 ton Iron Worker
6 Miller Mig Welding Stations
4 Manual Plasma Cutting Units