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Gas Pig Cookers

       Basically, we can build almost any type of outdoor cooking unit you can want. We do a lot of custom grills for Individuals, Caterers, Church Groups, Fire Departments, Clubs, Community Organizations, Corporate Businesses and Government.

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         Small                    Large             Custom Cookers

All our grills are fabricated from heavy gauge steel and carry a one year warranty on parts and labor and five years on all welding. BQ Grills have a low profile, which make them very accessible and convenient for picking off the grill. The lids are easy opening using shock arms instead of unsightly counter weights. Each gas cooker comes equipped with a high pressure regulator and a very reliable burner system.  Large sliding doors allow for easy lighting of burners.  The burners are protected by shields that prevent any flame-ups during use.  Our grills are built very tight, making them hold the moisture and flavor created by the smoking grease.  The cooking surfaces are evenly heated allowing you to cook large amounts of food without having to shuffle any around or even flip anything.  This means once you get your temperature set you can leave and let the grill do all the work.


Our Pig Cookers not only cook great pigs, they will cook almost anything else (Chickens, Ribs, Chops, Turkeys, Hams, Hotdogs, Hamburgers, Neighborhood Deer, Seafood, etc.).

      We offer three sizes ( Large , Medium & Small )all come with the following standard features. If  our standard pig cookers do not fit your needs we can build one just for you. Take a look out some of our CUSTOM  PIG COOKERS.


Standard Features

 For The Large  & Small Pig Cookers



    Swivel Jack Wheel            Gas Lifts On All Lids                   Chassis System With  Springs

  Makes Moving Easy       Lids Will Open With Ease        Less Vibrations & More Smooth Riding



        Easy To Open Latch                            Spoke Rim                       3" Dial Temperature Gauge

  Red Handle Does Not Get Hot           Large 12" x 4.80 Tire              50 Degrees to 550 Degrees



                            Pressure Treated Wood Shelving                                       High Pressure

                    Shelving is Routed and Sanded Then Sealed                          Adjustable Regulator

                       With 2 Coats of  Spar Urethane Sealer                         Easy Temperature Control



               2"  Ball Coupler                     All Pig Cookers Come Equipped With 2 Propane Tanks

            With Safety Chains                 Small Pig Cookers Have 20lb Tanks and Large Have 30lb.


All New Parts

BBQ Black 1000 Degree paint

1 Year Warranty Parts & Labor

5 Year Warranty On All Welding Construction


We also offer a line of portable charcoal grills with heavy gauge bottoms, and large doors on each end for easy access. They look just like our gas units minus the gas parts.

  Proudly Made In The USA